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ZZ610G: Data Model and Service Mapping for InfoSphere MDM Advanced Edition V10



Recommended duration: 3 Days

Skill level: Advanced


This course is designed for anyone who wants to get an understanding of the Data Domains for the InfoSphere Master Data Management 10 Advanced Edition.  This course takes a comprehensive look at the three core data domains of InfoSphere MDM: Party, Account, and Product.  For each of the domains spanned by InfoSphere MDM, participants will be exposed to the data model, services, and rules associated with the main entities of that domain. Heavy emphasis is put on exercises and activities so that the  participants can apply the knowledge that they learn after course conclusion.


Chapter 1: How InfoSphere MDM  Works

  • Unit 1: InfoSphere MDM Data Entities

  • Unit 2: InfoSphere MDM Business Services

  • Unit 3: The Request/Response Framework

Chapter 2: Party Domain

  • Unit 1: Core Party Entities

  • Unit 2: Location

  • Unit 3: Party Identification

  • Unit 4: Relationships

  • Unit 5: Know You Client

  • Unit 7: Suspect Duplicate Processing

  • Unit 8: Party Cross Domain

Chapter 3: Product Domain

  • Unit 1: Core Product Entities

  • Unit 2: Product Type Hierarchy

  • Unit 3: Product Dynamic Attributes

  • Unit 4: Product Structures and Relationships

  • Unit 5: Product Category Hierarchy

Chapter 4: Account Domain

  • Unit 1: Core Account Entities

  • Unit 2: Managed Accounts

  • Unit 3: Value Packages

Chapter 5: Common Domain

  • Unit 1: Terms and Conditions

  • Unit 2: Specifications

  • Unit 3: Maintenance Services